I am fascinated with legacy technology that still works well. I am in Virginia for a few months and stopped by the Mt Vernon Estate just outside of D.C. It was phenomenal to say the least. One thing that really sticks out though is the distillery. Of course my interest would pull me there, but truly the best part of the distillery is hands down the grist mill. I can't describe with justice the attention to historical detail and craftsmanship of this mill, so please visit their website, visit them in person, and don't be a bitch. Pay the 100 bucks for the pint of whisky that they sell. you cannot get anything else like it anywhere else in the world. I'd pay 200 if that is what they charged. I digress...... The mill is powered by a two mile race from a pond. It seems to me that this is the next logical step for a lot of distilleries. Want to go green? Yep, no fossil fuels required to make your ground up corn. Also, look back in to the history of distilleries. They were always next to a good water source AND a grist mill. I think that if I'm able to this is something that I'd like to incorporate into our process.