Ozark whisky

There is a lot of bourbon on the market. Bourbon has some specific guidelines for production that are all made to benefit major manufacturers and producers. The "rules" for America's native spirit were written by major manufacturers in Kentucky. The same rules just codified what they were already doing. We aint in Kentucky, will never be able to compete with the Bourbon Barons, and why would we? We love Bourbon and think that the best Bourbon has already been perfected by over two centuries of craft, expertise, and tradition. Let's do something different. Let's make Ozark Whisky. Let's hickory smoke the grain, use recoopered wine barrels, and polish our spirits with hickory charcoal.


The Foundation of Ozark Whisky

The number one ingredient in our silky smooth spirits? Friendship, family, and dedication. This is a veteran owned and operated business that is dedicated to our craft and community. Gary and Misty began building the distillery in 2015 on property they bought the year prior.

French Oak. It's not just for wine and brandy anymore

Different Wood for a New Spirit

In our quest to craft a spirit that is flavorful, smooth, and complex,  we found that we needed to explore some less traveled roads. Ask any master distiller what the top factors are that affect flavor in fine whisky, and you can bet that the oak barrels will be on the list. We use recoopered barrels. In their former life they held some of the finest wines to ever come out of Napa Valley. We get them with the topmost inside layer shaved off and charred. We use a combination of both French and American Oak to give a broad flavor profile with characteristics of both fine Bourbon and Scotch Whisky.

Locally Sourced Grain

In Brandy, Wine, and other fine European spirits, terroir of is a legitimate conversation when describing these fine libations. For American whisky though, this is often left out- until now. We don't just want to make you whisky, but give you a true taste of the Ozarks; the beauty, the ruggedness, and the depth all in one bottle. Using local grains allows us to do just that. The loamy, shallow soil of the Ozarks produces undeniably rich tasting product and this is highlighted in all of our spirits.

We make cuts, but we don't cut corners

We make cuts, but we don't cut corners

Distilled Right

For reasons that we don't understand, many of your craft distillers not only use repackaged alcohol from industrial producers, but also distill what spirits they do mash into a bland high proof. We distill our whiskies to between 147 and 151 proof to ensure that you're not just getting alcohol, but a true expression of the Ozark grains and hickory smoke. No, it isn't non-geo or organic- yet. That is in the works, but for the time being, all of our neighbors are growing a standard commercial variety that still makes amazing whisky.

Ozark Water

When you look at the legacy distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee, you find that they all start with a reliable and clean water source. This was a tradition that we didn't want to break. We take Ozark spring water that is clean enough to stick your face down into, and use it as the foundation for our tasty spirits.

The secret to our ultra smooth whisky is no secret at all. There is a reason that, at under a year, our stuff goes down easier than most of the stuff sitting on the shelf. We make our own charcoal from hickory that we cut up by hand. Next we polish our new make corn whisky over it to give it a clean, complex taste. It's more work, but we've never been afraid of getting our hands dirty. 

The master distiller. Neoma is helping out with making charcoal.

The master distiller. Neoma is helping out with making charcoal.