By phone

Feel free to call if you have any questions about our fine spirits or how to get here. (417) 632-4202




We don't really do tours anymore. It isn't a hard rule though. We make exceptions all the time. The owner is a full time Soldier and does this on his weekends and holidays when not deployed or stationed overseas. Gary Lee takes Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving off. 


The distillery

Available on weekends- roll your sleeves up!

While we don't do tours, feel free to stop in. It's just likely that we will be busy and you may end up filling bottles or stirring the mash pot while you visit.

The TASTING ROOM / Gift Shop

Available 7 days a week

We stock locally made crafts produced by true artisans. This isn't cheap stuff made in a foreign country by slave labor. If it isn't worth passing down to your children or grandchildren, we don't sell it. We also have whisky in the gift shop.

Call (417) 632-4202 to schedule a private bottling or distilling session.