In the beginning

Why not take the very best of the Ozark and put it in a bottle? That was the question that Gary was asking himself while he was deployed in 2013. The beauty of this countryside and the love of your friends & family can fertilize even the most modest of dreams and we are living proof. 


only whisky

Back in the day everybody made a thin mash; basically sugar and unprocessed corn. It was made local, but the end product would guarantee you a headache at the end of your drunken rainbow. Our whisky is made only with locally grown smoked corn, American Barley, Ozark Wheat, and true Ozark spring water. We are bringing you a true farm-to-table product that your will want to share with friends. 

Just Built! Somewhere between a barn and a shop

Taking the old and making it new again. We are repurposing locally sourced materials to build with. 


The premium ingredients


First Love

I love this landscape. The spring fed creeks, hidden paw-paw patches, wild game, and jagged bluffs. It was my first love. When the Army took me a long ways from home I missed the down to earth people from the Ozarks as well. We are resourceful, humble, and hard working. What's not to love? -Gary Lee



We have been all over the U.S. and the world; een both coasts, the jungles of Asia, and the deserts of the middle east. However, after a million miles, we found that the greatest adventure was in a little holler down in Purdy, MO. We know that people and places are beautiful wherever you go, but "there's no place like home"



Paying it Forward

Too many companies in America are making some amazing profits that take care of their shareholders and leave their community behind. That isn't us. Ten percent of our annual profits (if we can ever make one) will be going to after school programs for rural children and teens. At White Mule Distillery, its not about me, its about we. I think we can all drink to that! Also, congratulations for being able to read. If it's on or before SEP 11, 2017, you get a free bottle of whisky. email for more info. Happy Veterans Day!


Quality first. Our whisky is sourced from local grains, spring water, hand picked hickory for smoking. Our products have a unique flavor that puts in your glass the "very best of the Ozarks". We are giving most of our whisky at least 3 years to age in American and French oak barrels- we believe that quality should never be sacrificed for profits. What that means is that our Undefeated whisky won't be ready until 2019. Until then please enjoy our gin, corn whisky, apple pie, and honey liqueur. 


Way out in the sticks

We have been told time and time again that if we want to be successful, we need to be in a major urban area. I don't buy it. We aren't at the corner of any major shopping center, but we are close by where our grain, grapes, and water come from. Quality comes before profits and convenience. That is something you can raise your glass to.