Our team

This is what makes the Whisky flow at White Mule Distillery!

Gary is one of these people.

Gary is one of these people.


Gary is the one that came up with this idea while deployed during OEF. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and serves in the Army. Really though he isn't really that important. Credit for getting the distillery up and going goes to his family, neighbors, and community. Without their support, a distillery is just a bad idea on a post it note. Currently he is in S. Korea. Sorry, but y'all are going to have to wait a bit longer for the aged whisky.




Misty is the accountant and production controller for the distillery. She basically keeps the guys from going to jail on a daily basis. What most people don't know about running a distillery: the federal and state record compliance requirements. Misty knows all of this and she also makes the best blackberry cobbler in Barry County. She is a graduate of MSSU and can probably kick your ass at scrabble. Misty and Gary have been married since flip phones were the new thing.

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HIRING in 2019

Our last salesman opened his own distillery this year in Purdy, MO! Congratulations Mark McMillan on founding Stones Prairie Distilling. We will be hiring when Gary gets back from S. Korea in April.