What is craft? What is artisanal? How important is "traditional" and what precisely does that mean in an ever evolving industry? For me it has come down to physical location and available resources. I don't make bourbon as I don't really think that I should even remotely be on the same level as Beam-Suntory, Sazerac, Heaven Hill, etc. I DO make whisky from local resources though. Yeah, I've sold some pretty young (one week to one year) old whisky but I haven't charged anything over 30 bucks either. I personally think it would be bullshit if anyone does if it isn't at least a year old. I use local grains. I use spring water from my own spring. We hickory smoke our grains, and make our own charcoal out of hickory. I'm a rural distillery and none of my neighbors grow organic, non-gmo grains. Maybe that sounds awesome on a label, but I'd rather patronize the farmers that I go to church with instead of having a cool logo on my bottle. I don't just make whisky either. We have all kinds of stuff sitting in bond: Apple Brandy, Strawberry Brandy (damn that one hurt the wallet), Straight Rye, Grape Brandy, and rum. The rum sure as hell wasn't made from locally made molasses, but the molasses was free if I could get it off of the truck. So far it's the only thing we have not made from Ozark grown produce. We have got about 8 barrel variations as well: recoopered, new white American oak, new toasted, 3x used wine, new uncharred, etc. Only time will tell which one will taste better and I'll wait as long as it damn well takes to find out. I still have a day job so that I can feed this obsession too. I wake up at 5am every morning, listen to the "snap crackle and pop" of tired joints, and put on the uniform of a U.S. Soldier. When I have a long weekend, vacation,  or a holiday, I go back home to my Ozark holler and make liquor. So tell me this: Is it craft? Is it artisanal? Better yet, call me one of these days, set up a time for a tour, and try it. Ultimately what I'm asking is this: Is it phenomenal? If not then let me know because my dedication is to making mind blowing great spirits and I don't care if it's done one cup or one thousand gallons at a time. What are your thoughts? I honestly don't think that this topic is really hit on enough. I think that if you are going to bring a product to market it should be to answer a problem. For me it's because of my deep love of the Ozarks. I wan't the end user experience the terrior of the Ozark region of America. I believe that it is underrepresented and should be a distinctive category in spirits. Let me be real clear. I love the Ozarks and think that we should stand out in the spirits category. I think that is something that we can all raise our glasses to.