I didn't really put this in blazing letters anywhere on this site, but I'm still in the military. I'm not on active duty, but I joined the Arkansas National Guard after leaving my last active duty station. Well, I have been called back into service and I will answer the call. It looks like my projected open date of April 15th will be pushed back. How far I don't know yet. Stay posted. 

It has thrown a little wrench in my plans, but it really doesn't bother me that much to be honest. We are building a business around the concept of service to your community. Offering a product or service means absolutely nothing if you aren't using at least part of your time of profits to better the surrounding community. I have been serving since 2008 and I will always serve. Hopefully I can do it a little closer to home next time so that I can bring you "the very best of the Ozarks"