I have to admit that I struggle with actually believing that I will be successful. Growing up in a family with limited financial resources left me with a belief that money, success, health, and wealth only comes to a lucky few. Although I have learned and lived differently, there is a little voice in the back of my mind that says "you ain't gonna make it". Therefore, I tend to try and overpower this nagging feeling with dedicated research to ensure that I do NOT fail. I was looking up some marketing stuff, and I came across this guy named Frank Kern https://www.facebook.com/Frank.Kern.Page/ who seemed pretty straight forward in his marketing approach. He basically postulates that you need to know who your customer is in great detail and tailor your product to him. Seems like a good idea, but when you consider that damn near everybody likes a snort of whisky, the task seems daunting- at first. 

As I got up this morning, drank about a half a pot of coffee, popped a couple Motrins, and tried to remember who in the hell I was, I realized that my "ideal" customer is probably a lot like me.  A dude in his late twenties to early thirties, got a kid or two, loves wearing a comfortable pair of blue jeans, generally eats healthy but has a secret love of twinkles, works too damn many hours to pay for the toys (motorcycles?) that he doesn't have time to enjoy, and wishes he could spend more time outdoors. He thinks that America is too commercialized and that most of the social interactions he encounters day to day are basically bullshit. He craves something that is authentic, not just marketed as authentic, but doesn't think that paying double the price for it is reasonable. I think this is about right. Only my cash register will tell. Either way, stay tuned. I'm bringing you the very best of the Ozarks!