You never know where you will end up in this life. Four years ago I was deployed. Two years ago I was unemployed. Today I was making whisky at the George Washington Distillery in Mt. Vernon. Yesterday I was chewed out in an email. Today I was thanked in an email for making the best whisky anyone has ever tried. 

I started this blog to share the experience, but I've also found it to have a secondary function. That is journaling. It's pretty amazing to me to be able to catalog what I'm thinking at the moment. I don't really plan these posts out. That is why some are short and some are long and there is no set time limit between the posts. I was looking back on my Jan 29 post and reading what I wrote. January was a real hard month. I was sleeping in my car (whisky in the trunk) in Kansas City parking lots and knocking on doors to get sales in between making, bottling, labeling, and helping my wife with our newborn. It wasn't very glamorous but in hindsight, it made me hungry and it made me realize that I really need to be doing more than making a great product. I better be on the path to something that is substantial. Stay tuned.